What kind of lighting should I use for growing?

When I decided to start a cultivation facility, I really did not think it through. I just decided I wanted to grow marijuana and sell it for recreational uses. I got the seeds, the HVAC equipment, the facility and thought that was it. I have run into quite a few roadblocks though. The main one I have to say is the lighting aspect of growing pot. First, the HVAC settings for growing marijuana is pretty simple. You want around 80 degrees during the day and 50 degrees at night. I was smart and got a ductless HVAC unit with a smart thermostat. I have a weekly program set and I now don’t worry about climate control. The thermostat knows when to provide heating and cooling. My plants are good to go. The problem has now fallen into lighting. What kind of lighting do marijuana growing facilities use? I have found a wide variety of answers. Light rooms for growing typically use a combination of red-orange light and darkness. Typically this is a 12 hour split for which one to use. Some people recommend 18 hours of light to produce a better vegetation cycle. I also have found people online using all sorts of different lights. There are fluorescent glow lights. A lot of people use these for smaller, short spaces. The lights don’t use much electricity and are literally inches from the pot. Apparently bigger lights and more powerful ones tend to burn young plants. Some people like HID lights due to their efficiency and capability to assist flowering plants. Which one do I choose?

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