What our customers want

I had never tried a marijuana edible until just recently. . My friend, Sally, has set up her own business, selling marijuana edibles. Sally has always been interested in the different uses of cannabis.  She has always been a supporter of medical marijuana. She graduated from college two years ago. Right after graduation, she started planning for a marijuana edibles business. She is skilled at baking, so I assumed she’d attend culinary school to  become a chef. Instead, she started looking into the production and sales of marijuana edibles. She was convinced of her plan to open up her own marijuana edibles dispensary. Most edibles don’t taste all that good. They taste too much like marijuana. None of the other flavors are able to overpower the marijuana. That is not a good taste. The flavor is much like the smell. Even CBD oil had a bad taste. Sally has decided to make her own line of marijuana edibles that are flavored more carefully.  I have tried samples and they are delicious! Sally is experimenting with different recipes including OG kush, space cake, cookies, and pot brownies. She hopes to make available all kinds of marijuana edibles. I believe that word-of-mouth will help her business. Once people taste Sally’s products, they will come back for more and tell their friends. I think her business will grow steadily. She is not only concerned with profit. Sally sees the potential benefit for people with medical issues. She wants to make the edibles as affordable and accessible as possible.