Which strains you should stock

When you own a cannabis dispensary, it can be a lot of fun.

You get to pick and choose the products you will carry.

I like that I can every form of the pot that you enjoy the most. I am a fan of OG Kush and yet I had no idea how many forms there was sof this. I can even buy pot brownies to stock on my shelves. There are many edible that come in OG Kush, Orange Kush and even Girl Scout Cookies. If you name it, someone will have made a pot brownie out of it. Orange Kush is actually a very big seller in my area, so I keep it in stock all of the time. Even if you have a well-selling inventory, you should think about about new inventory all of the time. A quick inventory of something new, will keep customers coming back more often, just to see what you may have on your shelves. I like to test new products on my regular customers. If I get a lot of people who enjoy the new cannabis product, I may stock it. I even give a free sample occasionally. Last month, I bought a supple of different pot brownies. I had some of my customers vote on which they liked best. Once I got a definitive answer, I put the brownies down as a regular sales item. I used to wonder how I would be able to decide what to and what not to stock in my store. It just seemed like too many products to choose from. I decided to just have fun and listen to my customers.

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