Why did I leave for the appointment?

I periodically make some decisions that both of us would not consider to be good. Last week, both of us needed a day to see a sonogram picture with the dr. Both of us were excited for the appointment, but both of us couldn’t get the whole day off of work. My guy wanted to go with me, but they were harvesting down by the marijuana Farm. His boss didn’t want any time off during the harvest season, as well as my hubby needed for the two of us to reschedule our sonogram. Even though the ridiculous request was a pain in the butt, I decided to change my appointment so both of us could be together. When I made the appointment for the following Tuesday, the guy decided to tell my guy that he couldn’t be done until the same Friday. The marijuana harvest was lasting a lot longer as well as both of us needed to be there to trim as well as cut the marijuana plants. Unfortunately, we couldn’t change the appointment for any other days as well as both of us had to do what we had to do. Both of us didn’t come into work as well as went to our appointment. The next day, both of us went to work hoping things would be fine. Instead, the boss called us into his office as well as read us the riot act about not coming to work. Both of us really thought that we were going to be fired, but luckily we just received a really big warning.

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