Why I like our cannabis dispensary so much

I know you probably think I like my cannabis dispensary because I own it, but to be honest, I think we are one of the best.

I like my cannabis dispensary best, because of the staff.

My staff is very knowledgeable of their inventory because of the training that I have them go through Before I became a cannabis dispensary owner, I was going to different dispensaries to see what made them so special. I have to admit that I did not like very many of them, mainly because most of the people who worked there, didn’t even know what their inventory was or how it reacted for people. One of my friends asked one of the people in one of the dispensaries, about their pot brownies. He wanted to know what kind of reaction he would get and if it would be mild. She told him that yes it was very mild. I couldn’t believe this because it was OG Kush in those pot brownies. OG Kush is known to have some very potent reactions to people. Another time we asked about CBD and what it can actually do for him. The budtender told him that it helps everything. I knew that when I opened my own cannabis dispensary, I was going to have a staff that was fully armed with every tool I could give them. I wanted them to know all about our inventory and what kind of reaction it would cause. I went online to see what kind of training I should be giving and I found that there were many different training classes online. There were even some classroom training sessions that were right here in our area.

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