Shipping Information

What Shipping Methods Are Available?

We have may shipping method but we cant tell the public or put them on our website for security purposes. contact us and we will let you know personally.

How Long Will it Take To Get My Package?

epending on your distance, within America latest is 1 and a half day, out of America: 3 days

How Do I Track My Order?

Its pretty simple, just click on the TRACK YOUR ORDER LINK  

and fill in your order number and the email you used in ordering for your product and hit track and you are done.

Do I Need A Account To Place Order?

You dont definitely need an account to place an order , but its advisible too because it has its advantages, at times we give out discounts to our customers who have accounts and who have been making good purchases from us.

FAQ Second Version

Can i reorder or cancel my order?

Sure you can cancel your order once it had not shipped yet and you can still reorder any time, before and after shipping.

What is the least quantity of weed can be ordered?

The quantity is not the problem, we are limited to your amount, the least order we accept is $400, company policy.

Do i need to contact the doctor before making an order?

Not really if you are not under medications. but for those who are under medications should contact our pharmacist or contact us to prescribe a strain for you in relation to your illness or situation.

How long does it take to prepare my document?

It takes us 2 to 3 days after the submitting of your documents and cash payment to us, giving you submitted all your documents needed thesame time.

How Should I to Contact if I Have Any Queries?

You can get to us either by mail or phone call, or through our contact form. we are available 24/7.

Can i be given dicsount after a hude payment?

Discounts are given for huge purchases with a form of a coupon and attimes not just for huge purchases but when we have promotions and as token from us.