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Buy Chemo Kush, Chemo kush for sale online at your numero uno Legal Cannabis Dispensary. What are you waitign for? Buy today! Rumor has it that Chemo’s beginnings stretch back to the 1970s in Canada where this heavy indica was allegedly developed to treat the side effects of chemotherapy. Another name for this strain is “UBC Chemo” in reference to the university in which Chemo is said to have been conceived. Chemo’s genetics is carried on by Jordan of the Islands, whose rendition is best known for its subtle woody aroma and potent medicinal effects perfect for patients treating nausea, appetite loss, pain, and sleeplessness.

“One of my favorites, if not my favorite strain I have acquired over the years. Chemo shows you no mercy, so this strain is definitely not for the inexperienced. To start, the buds themselves were covered in crystals and trichomes, and, excuse me for my wording, but honestly had the cutest orange curly hairs I’ve ever seen on a bud. It was beautiful. It also smoked great. It had a very earthy and woody taste to it. Just a few words from a Chemo kush enthusiast, testifying to the astonishing power of the strain in question.