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Buy La Confidential, LA Confidential for sale online, only at Your number one Online Legal Cannabis Dispensary. This marijuana strain is widely popular in the world from rap artists such as Snoop Dog or Cypress Hill, and rightly so. LA Confidential is a strong and potent Grade A Sativa/Indica hybrid that originates from Afghani Indica and California Indica. Dark green with deep red hairs, the leaves wrap around the dense buds with white crystals. The sweet piney smell is just like the forest, with a hint of skunk with a smooth thick vapor. It is a very resinous strain, making it good for hash. One puff is enough to make you feel instantly better and relaxed with a psychedelic twist, and with a comfortable body buzz. But be warned: taking too much will leave you droopy eyed and sleepy. LA Confidential can be heavily sedating, making it great for insomnia. Experienced smokers may find that it is more relaxing than sleepy, but it depends on how much and your tolerance. Other ailments, it is good for: pain, anxiety, ADHD, Bipolar Disorder, loss of appetite and stress. It is highly effective in managing its ailments, reason why it is largely endorsed by so many celebrities worldwide.

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